Scheveningen 1

Scheveningen - ACV

zaterdag 20 januari
aanvang 14.30 uur

Sportpark "Houtrust"
Arie de Jager Veld

Laan van Poot 38-C
2566 EC Den Haag

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 Hotel Mimosa

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Even geen voetbal!!
Wij wensen iedereen
prettige Feestdagen en
een gelukkig en sportief 2018


Important message

SVV Scheveningen stickers at Hoogvliet!

Hoogvliet approached our board for a local action, where our own members are once the stars. Every member will be a part of a special SVV Scheveningen album, thanks to their exclusive picture. These pictures will become stickers which you can assemble in your very own SVV Scheveningen album! In consultation with Hoogvliet, we chose to include also the youth members in our club: 

The dream of the SVV Scheveningen members becomes reality now! Pictures of yourself and other SVV Scheveningen members will be available next year at Hoogvliet in Schevengingen. In this action, the board sees a great opportunity to promote the club even further and, of course, does not want to hold out its members of this opportunity.

To make this action a great success, it is important that all relevant members appear in the picture. To this end, a photographer will be present at our accommodation. The exact time and date ( 28 oktober en 4 november) will be announced shortly.

There is no obligation to participate in this album. If you let yourself be photographed, you will of course withdraw your portrait rights and give us permission to use your photo to create a sports picture in this action.


Scheveningen Merchandise

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